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Sell Anything With Just a Link
Physical and Digital Products
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Open Your Ko-fi Shop

Sell (Almost) Anything With Just a Link

Open your Ko-fi Shop and start selling on social, your blog or wherever your fans are with just a link.

Share a link to an individual product or invite people to browse your beautiful Ko-fi Shop.

Sell with a link iamge

Physical & Digital Products

Sell physical products like stickers and merch, prints and books, crafting kits or original works!

Offer digital products like game mods, wallpapers, tutorials, access to files or links to exclusive online events! Upload directly to Ko-fi or direct buyers to exclusive sites or links.

No Listing Fees!

There are no listing fees with Ko-fi Shop. Get started today and only pay a low (5%) Ko-fi platform fee when you make a sale or no fee at all if you're a Ko-fi Gold member.

Note - PayPal and Stripe charge their normal fees.

Keep More of Your Money! 

Ko-fi Shop is the most affordable way to start selling. Gold creators pay 0% platform fees for Shop purchases. If you're not a Gold member you can still open your Ko-fi Shop and pay 5% of the sale price when someone buys your products.

Everything Together

Keep all of your content, donations, subscriptions, commissions, and products all in the same place! 

No need to direct your fans to different sites for different ways to support you, keep everything neatly together.

Open Your Shop in 60 Seconds

We've made setting up your Ko-fi Shop as streamlined and easy as possible. Add your products, copy your link and start selling to your fans in just 60 seconds.

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What is Ko-fi Shop?

Ko-fi Shop is the easiest, fastest and most affordable way to start selling online.

What can I sell on Ko-fi Shop?

Pretty much anything! Digital products like phone wallpapers, game mods, one on one tutorials, access to files, printable games, templates, and links to online events. Physical products like stickers, merch, prints, books, zines, crafting kits, figures, and original works.

Can I really open a Ko-fi Shop for free?

Yes! We wanted to make Ko-fi Shop available to all creators big and small.

If you decide to upgrade to Ko-fi Gold you'll pay 0% fees on sales in your Ko-fi Shop (5% for free members) and you'll also get other perks like more products and file storage.

What fees will I pay?

If you're a Ko-fi Free creator you'll pay 5% of the sale price only when you make a sale (it's free to set up your Ko-fi Shop). If you're a Ko-fi Gold member you'll pay 0% fees to Ko-fi when you make sales. That's it, no listing fees or advertising fees or anything like that.

PayPal and Stripe charge their normal transaction fees.

When will I get paid?

Instantly and directly. Unlike other platforms that make you wait for payouts, all payments on Ko-fi are instant and direct between your buyer and you via your own PayPal or Stripe account.

How does shipping work?

You decide where you're happy to ship products to and set the delivery price and that's it. We make sure only buyers in your chosen shipping locations purchase your products. When you make a sale just ship the product to your buyer using whichever carrier you like.

Why should I use Ko-fi Shop instead of Etsy or Shopify?

  • No listing fees! With Ko-fi Shop, unlike marketplaces like Etsy you'll never pay us just to list or advertise your products.
  • Everything together. No need to direct your fans to loads of different places for different ways to support you, Ko-fi Shop fits perfectly with your Ko-fi donations, subscriptions, commissions and contents.
  • Ko-fi Shop is your shop. With sites like Etsy it's their shop and you're just one of many sellers. When you direct your fans to your Ko-fi Shop they'll never be shown products from anyone else.
  • The fastest way to sell. You can open your Ko-fi Shop and launch your first product in just 60 seconds.
  • Keep more of your money. Choose if you want to pay a small transaction fee of 5% and use Ko-fi Free or a low subscription fee for Ko-fi Gold and pay no platform fee at all!

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