Creator Kit

We love seeing the Ko-fi logo, Buttons and Cup used to promote your page. We just ask that you follow these guidelines and make sure anything you create complies with the content policy.


Download the Ko-fi logo, but please don't edit, change, distort, recolor, or reconfigure it.


Use the Ko-fi Button creator to make a Button with your own colors and text or download the Button image pack and link an image of a Button to your page.


These are our colors:

R255 G94 B91
C0 M78 Y58 K0
R41 G171 B224
C70 M14 Y1 K0
R251 G170 B25
C0 M38 Y100 K0
R67 G75 B87
C74 M62 Y49 K33

Logo Misuse

Please don't edit the logo in any of these ways:

Please don't change the colors of the logo.
Please don't change the text style.
Please don't shrink or distort the logo.
Please don't shear, shift, or rotate the Cup icon either.

Awesome Examples

Here's some examples of how to use Ko-fi buttons or logos with styles.

Your Ko-fi Button with a background image - looks great!
Omg it's animated!

Thank You!

If have any trouble with the guidelines or you are unsure about how to use the Ko-fi brand assets, please use the help centre to submit a request.