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Build a reliable income. Let fans support you monthly with membership tiers.

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Ko-fi Membership Tiers
"I get to connect with supporters on a more personal level. I can design tiers that are fun and there's no pressure for me."
Shannon Ashley
"My supporters love being able to choose what reward tier to join and I’m excited to create and share content in a new way!"
"Ko-fi Memberships are a game changer. With monthly support, our biggest fans are more engaged than ever and help shape the future of our show."
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Build a Reliable, Monthly Income

Spend less time worrying about money and more time creating! Let your fans support you directly with meaningful, monthly payments.

Build a Reliable, Monthly Income

Create Membership Tiers

Create your own membership tiers with different benefits and price points to suit your audience and what you do.

Create Membership Tiers on Ko-fi

Offer Benefits

Give your biggest fans more of what they love! Reward them with benefits like exclusive content, Discord roles and physical items.

Offer Benefits on Membership Tiers
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Supporters Pay You Directly!

No waiting for pay outs or minimum balances. Get paid directly into your own PayPal or bank account (via Stripe).

Supporters Pay You Directly!

Keep More of Your Money

Memberships is free to use for everyone with a small 5% platform fee or choose Gold and pay no platform fees at all!

Normal transaction fees apply.

Keep More of Your Money with Ko-fi
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Manage Your Membership

It’s your community and you’re in control. Track your biggest supporters, message them directly and download your data at any time.

Manage Your Membership on Ko-fi

Everything in One Page

Your page is the all-in-one place to make an income from what you do. Take donations, build memberships, set a crowdfunding goal and sell products or requests.

Take Donations, Build Memberships, Set a Crowdfunding Goal and sell Products or Requests all in Ko-fi


What are Ko-fi Membership Tiers?

How do I get paid?

Just connect your own PayPal or Stripe account. When a new member joins, you get the first payment instantly and each subsequent month the money goes directly into your account.

What does it cost?

Membership tiers is available for everyone and is free to get started.  There's a low 5% fee of your membership payments. For Ko-fi Gold creators there are no platform fees at all. Normal payment processor fees also apply.

When do members get charged?

New members are charged immediately on joining a tier, and monthly thereafter. You get access to your funds immediately as supporters pay creators directly, not Ko-fi!

How are Ko-fi Membership Tiers different from Patreon?

Ko-fi is more flexible. From a single page you can build your memberships, get one-time donations, sell physical or digital products and offer commissions or requests. With Ko-fi, you’re getting paid, not the platform. This means you get your money sooner and there are lower fees for both the creator and your members. You can even opt out of fees altogether by subscribing to Ko-fi Gold.

Do I have access to my supporter data?

Absolutely! Download your data anytime. We've also built supporter management and direct messaging tools so you can keep in touch with everyone who contributes.

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