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Earn Money From Your Skills

Ko-fi Commissions lets you turn your skills into income. Let fans request anything from digital art to poetry, personal tutorials to feedback sessions, video messages to custom crafts!

Build a Reliable, Monthly Income

You're in Control

Open and close commissions whenever you want, manage available slots, set your own terms, and you can even let your buyers decide if they want to pay extra.

Supporters Pay You Directly!

Keep More of Your Money

Ko-fi has the most creator friendly pricing around! Commissions are free to use for everyone with a small 5% platform fee or choose Gold and pay no platform fees at all.

Offer Benefits on Membership Tiers

The Only Creator Platform You Need

Ko-fi is your all-in-one place to make an income from what you do. Take commissions, receive donations, build memberships, set a crowdfunding goal and sell products all from a single creator-friendly place!

Manage Your Membership on Ko-fi

Build a Reliable Income

Offer Member-Only commissions to convert one-off buyers into reliable monthly supporters and easily reward existing members with unique work they'll treasure!

Keep More of Your Money with Ko-fi


What are Ko-fi Commissions?

How do I get paid?

Connect your own PayPal or Stripe account. When you get a new commission, you get the payment instantly and directly into your account. No waiting around for payouts, no huge platform cut, it’s your work so it’s your money!

What does it cost?

Creators pay just 0-5% platform fees on commission sales (0% platform fees with a Ko-fi Gold subscription).(Normal payment processor fees also apply).

When do buyers get charged?

Buyers are charged immediately. You get access to your funds immediately as buyers pay creators directly, not Ko-fi!

How are Ko-fi Commissions different from Fiverr?

Ko-fi is the all-in-one creator platform. In addition to commissions you can also receive tips, set up membership tiers, sell products and crowdfund. Ko-fi’s 0-5% fees are much lower than Fiverr’s and Ko-fi is more friendly to creators. You won’t be penalized if you don’t respond to requests instantly or if you close commissions for a while.

Are Ko-fi Commissions just for artists?

All kinds of creators use Commissions to offer digital art or poetry, personal tutorials or feedback sessions, video messages or custom crafts. If you have a skill, talent or passion you should list it as a Ko-fi Commission!

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