Patreon Alternative

Patreon Alternative

Ko-fi is the friendly way to receive one-off or monthly income from fans. Use Ko-fi as an alternative to Patreon or use both!

Get paid instantly and directly
No content commitments
Sell commissions
Friendly, easy and drama-free
0% platform fees on donations
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Ko-fi's emphasis on ease of use leads to a conversion rate that blows Patreon out of the water. I literally get 10x the number of donations on Ko-fi over Patreon!

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I began to grow tired of being viewed as a commodity rather than a person… Ko-fi allowed me the freedom I wanted without the pressure

Steff Von Schweetz


All it takes is the click of a button. It’s a great way for artists to make a bit of extra cash without the pressure of creating extra work.

Rebecca Spelman


I had been searching for an alternative to Patreon for quite some time and Ko-fi seemed like the best fit for my channel and my viewers. I really liked the flexibility it offered.


Ko-fi has everything you need to make an income from your work.
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One-off & Memberships

Not everyone wants to subscribe monthly. Give fans the choice of one-off or monthly Membership Tiers.

One-off & Memberships

Fun, Friendly, Easy

Join a supportive, positive community of 500k creators. Set up your page in just 60 seconds and start receiving support. It’s quick, easy and low-pressure.

Fun, Friendly, Easy!

0% Platform Fees on Donations

We don't charge a fee on the donations you receive. We want you to keep all of the money your supporters send to you.

Note - PayPal and Stripe charge some cents per transaction.

0% Fees!

Instant, Direct Payments

Supporters pay directly into your PayPal or bank account (via Stripe). There's no minimum balance or payout fees.

Instant, Direct Payments

Commissions & Requests

Let fans request unique content like artwork, videos or one-on-one advice. Set your terms and get paid in advance!

Sell Commissions


Is Ko-fi better than Patreon?

Can I set up Membership tiers?

Is there coffee involved?

Coffee is just a friendly metaphor to represent the gesture of support, you don’t have to buy Coffee.

No fees… really?

Ko-fi charges 0% platform fees on donations for everyone, and 0% on everything for Ko-fi Gold members.

How do you make money then?

Thousands of creators choose to subscribe to Ko-fi Gold to unlock more features and support the development of the platform. Ko-fi Shop, Commissions and Memberships incur a 5% platform fee for creators who don't subscribe to Ko-fi Gold.

Can I still use Patreon?

Sure, complementing Patreon with Ko-fi for one-off tips or commissions is a great way to increase your earnings without having to produce new content.

How do I get paid?

Connect to PayPal or Stripe and get paid instantly and directly from supporters. It takes less than a minute to setup your page.

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Get paid instantly and directly from fans. No platform fees!
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