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Ko-fi is the friendly way to receive one-off or monthly income from fans with 0% platform fees. Use Ko-fi as an alternative to Patreon or use both!

Get paid instantly and directly
No content commitments
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Friendly, easy and drama-free
0% platform fees
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One-off & Monthly Income

Not everyone wants to subscribe monthly. Give fans the choice to support you with one-off donations or monthly subscriptions.

Fun, Friendly, Easy!

Join a supportive, positive community of 500k creators. Set up your page in just 60 seconds and start receiving support. It’s quick, easy and low-pressure.

0% Fees!

We don't charge a fee on the donations you receive. We want you to keep all of the money your supporters send to you.

Note - PayPal and Stripe charge some cents per transaction.

Ko-fi's emphasis on ease of use leads to a conversion rate that blows Patreon out of the water. I literally get 10x the number of donations on Ko-fi over Patreon!

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I began to grow tired of being viewed as a commodity rather than a person… Ko-fi allowed me the freedom I wanted without the pressure

Steff Von Schweetz


All it takes is the click of a button. It’s a great way for artists to make a bit of extra cash without the pressure of creating extra work.

Rebecca Spelman


I had been searching for an alternative to Patreon for quite some time and Ko-fi seemed like the best fit for my channel and my viewers. I really liked the flexibility it offered.



Instant, Direct Payments

Payments are made directly and instantly from supporters to your PayPal or Stripe account. No minimum balances, no payout issues, just instant, transparent payments directly to you.


Let fans request unique content. Manage commission types, available slots, set your terms and get paid in advance. We don't take a cut of your commission sales either!

Low Pressure

Creating monthly content for different tiers can be overwhelming. You can offer monthly subscriptions and rewards on Ko-fi, but it’s totally optional!


Is there coffee involved?

Coffee is just a friendly metaphor to represent the gesture of support, you don’t have to buy Coffee.

No fees… really?

Ko-fi charges 0% platform fees! At the point of the transaction the supporter is directed to PayPal or Stripe to make payment and you get 100% of the donation (minus payment provider fees).

How do you make money then?

Thousands of creators choose to subscribe to Ko-fi Gold to unlock more features and support the development of the platform. We prefer to think of creators as valued customers not as a product for the platform to sell and that’s why we created Gold.

Can I still use Patreon?

Sure, complementing Patreon with Ko-fi for one-off tips or commissions is a great way to increase your earnings without having to produce new content.

How do I get paid?

Just add your PayPal email address when you sign up or connect to Stripe after signup, it takes less than a minute to setup your page.

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