Earn Money with Ko-fi

Earn 50% of the first month's subscription for each new Ko-fi Gold member. Refer 10 and we’ll increase it to 100%. Anyone who signs up using your Magic Link will get a 10% lifetime discount too!

Step 1

Create a Ko-fi Account
Create your free account. It can be a Creator or a Supporter account, but make sure you add your PayPal email address so we can pay you.

Step 2

Share your Magic Link
Copy your Magic Link from your dashboard and share it on your blog, Discord, Social Media or wherever you talk about Ko-fi.  

Step 3

Get Paid!
Receive 50% of the first month subscription for each new Ko-fi Gold member and 100% after the first 10. The amount you can earn is unlimited!

Make Extra Money on Ko-fi

Already a member? Great, share your story with your fans and use your Magic Link to give them a 10% lifetime discount. Add your Magic Link to your Ko-fi bio so supporters can sign up straight from your page.

Not a member yet? No worries, take a look at the featured section to see how creators are using Ko-fi and then set up your own account in just 60 seconds.

Offer Your Audience 10% off for Life!

Signing up from your Magic Link gives creators 10% off Ko-fi Gold for life. You get paid 50% of their first month's subscription or 100% after you have referred 10 active creators.

We want to help all kinds of creators fund their passions on Ko-fi. If you know artists, gamers, cosplayers, podcasters or software developers we can’t wait to pay you to introduce them to the community.

You Explain Ko-fi, We’ll Explain Gold

Everyone who joins Ko-fi starts with a free account. Ko-fi Gold unlocks more advanced features like monthly subscriptions, commissions and loads of ways to tailor Ko-fi. Find out more over at Ko-fi.com/gold.

Once a creator joins, we explain Ko-fi Gold to them as part of the software. It doesn’t matter if it takes a few months (or even a year) for a creator to upgrade to Gold, you will still receive your referral payment when they do.


Do I have to be a member of Ko-fi Gold myself?
No, but you do need to have a free account so we can pay you directly into your PayPal at the start of each month.

How will I know when someone signs up from my Magic Link?
Once someone you referred subscribes to Gold you will get a 💛 gold heart in the Magic Link section of your dashboard.

Where can I share my Magic Link?
You can share your link with your friends and followers, on your blog, in forums and groups but please don’t spam people or use paid advertising to promote your Magic Link!

Don’t most people just use Ko-fi for free?
Yes most people start with a free plan, but our tools make sure even if it takes even a year to upgrade to Gold, you will still get the money for the referral.

What if I want to partner with Ko-fi?
Looking for a different way to spread the word about Ko-fi, email simon@ko-fi.com with an outline of your ideas.

Terms: Rewards applied after 1st month if referred member remains active and does not receive a refund. Rewards only given to creators with active PayPal accounts registered with Ko-fi. It is not permitted to use your own referral link, or misrepresent Ko-fi Gold features. It is against our policies to use your magic link on coupon sites or to promote it with paid advertising. Ko-fi reserve the right to make changes to this program, remove it altogether or not pay a referrer who we believe at our sole discretion are violating these terms or the intended use of the affiliate program.